20 November 2009

Artists' Wall

Often more than the artist's work their work space or inspirational wall can give greater insight into the artist's thinking. The loose ends, bits and pieces with their jumbled juxtaposition often have a more virulent potency than the more finished, calculated works.

Andre Brenton's "wall" in Pompidou. A recreation of the back wall of his office. Brenton was a French writer and fundamental to the founding of the surrealist movement.

Unable to pay death taxes this wall was given as payment to the French government in lieu of cash and now resides in the Pompidou in Paris. Ironically if the estate had had enough to pay the taxes the contents of the wall would have been dispersed to the world through auction and lost as an entity in and of itself.

Andre Breton in his office.

The studio of the jeweler Kiff Slemmons.

Kiff does work which often incorporates used and abandoned objects. Pieces that are in need of her help.

The first time I visited Kiff's studio her inspiration / staging table took my breath away and gave me that very good feeling of jealously, lust and desire. Looking at her things is like sifting through the best detritus and flotsam of one's dreams. A sort of paradise of a virtual beachcomber.

A much more restrained example. A friend's table of objects; curated and carefully considered.

The recreated studio of Constantin Brancusi adjacent to the Pompidou at the Atelier Brancusi.

Friend, jeweler and artist Curtis Stiener's workspace.

This just makes me happy...
I want to pocket a couple things and bring them home to my pile of stuff.

Part of that pile.