06 June 2011

Tsukiji Tokyo Fish Market

Tokyo's Tsukiji is the world largest fish market and one of the biggest attractions in Tokyo.  More than 3,000 tons of seafood pass through the market everyday. I hadn't been in more than 20 years and had forgotten the energy and how much fun it was.

A few of the images from the market. 

A half filleted tuna. 

The maguro bocho, long bladed knives especially designed for filleting tuna (maguro).

The new record price for a whole tuna set this New Year. From a January 5th, 2011 newspaper. 
¥32,490,000!, or $400,000.

OK so here is what it is all about:

chu toro

utoi: an acronym for uni, toro and ika (sea urchin, tuna and cuttlefish).

tai kama (Sea bream collar)

chu toro